Herbal Treasures LLC Outstanding Herbal Products for your Health & Wellness

Herbal Treasures LLC started out as Dee's Spa Delights. I began by making soaps and designer bath salts.  My sales were strictly to co-workers.  It was my co-workers that said I needed to sell at green markets.   

After 3 years, I wanted something more.  So I got into the wonderful world of Herbs.  Herbs have been used for centuries with much success.  I studied through the Herbal Academy of New England and received my certificates for the Introduction and Intermediate courses. I am now finishing up my studies with the Advanced program.  Then on to 600 hours of clinicals.  

I have been making my own herbal products for over a year now.  My "wow" moment happens every time my clients and my customers tell me that an herbal product I made helped them with their issues.  

This is why I do what I do!  Most of my original line is now gone.  It has been replaced with products that I hope will help each and every one of you as it has my clients/customers.

I still set up at the Green Markets getting my name and my products out to everyone I can.  I also started Herbal Consultations as well.

In addition to this website, you will also find my products at www.etsy.com/shop/spadelightsbydee.

Here's to your Health & Wellness!