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Mineral Make-up Class HT-105

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Conducted by an Herbalist with five (5) years experience in creating mineral make-up, essential oils, herbs, soap making and more.

This course will span 4 weeks, one time a week for 2 hours.  It will be held locally in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Upon completion of this course you will know how to:

1.  Know what mineral make up is

2.  History of Mascara and how it is made

3.  Activated Charcoal

4,  Know all about the ingredients used during this course

5.  Learn how to make products

6.  You will make 1 mascara, 2 mineral eye shadows, 1 mineral blush, 1 mineral foundation and 2 lipsticks

7.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion and the end of the course

The cost will include all materials and all ingredients to make all the products.

Here's to your Health & Wellness!